Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep.

Sponsor A Room

No young person should ever have to choose between a safe place to stay and their education.

Yet, this heartbreaking decision is faced by countless youth facing homelessness in Melbourne tonight.

Imagine if these young people were instead able to focus on their studies in a welcoming, stable environment, free from the fear of where they will spend the night.

This vision is within reach through Launch Housing's Education First Youth Foyers. Your generous donation acts as a crucial bridge for young people in need, providing both shelter and educational opportunities.

Donate today to make a lasting difference.

Sponsor a room and you can help provide urgent accommodation to someone in Melbourne who has nowhere safe to sleep.

Melbourne's homelessness crisis is getting worse. This year has been tough. People who were already vulnerable have been pushed further into danger.

Will you help us end homelessness by making a monthly donation?

Your Gift

Help cover the cost of a driving lesson and help a young person on the road to work and independent future.

Helps towards providing 1 person a crisis accommodation room each month.


Help a young person get a First Aid Certificate - a valuable skill to take into a workplace and adult life.

Helps towards providing 2 people a crisis accommodation room each month.


Help make sure a young person has a laptop which they will use to complete their studies and get on a path away from disadvantage and homelessness.

Helps towards providing 3 people a crisis accommodation room each month.


Help cover the cost of tuition fees for a young person studying for their certificate in Independent Living - the foundation stone of a better future.

Helps towards providing a family crisis accommodation room each month.

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