Violence at home or the trauma of homelessness? It’s an impossible choice.

Help us to offer an alternative.

There has been a troubling rise in homelessness caused by domestic violence since the pandemic. This is now one of the main reasons people seek support from Launch Housing.

We’re here to offer survivors of domestic violence a secure home and a caring community in which to rebuild their lives.

We’re here to support people like Haryath who first experienced homelessness when her violent husband turned his temper against their newborn daughter, Arya.

Thanks to kind donations from people like you we could support Haryath and her daughter into a safe, affordable home of their own, connect them with a lovely kindergarten for Arya and provide ongoing support to help them rebuild their lives with hope for the future.

Please donate today so we can offer more women and their children the safety, security and support they need and deserve. Thank you.

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Help provide a new home starter kit including fresh bed sheets and appliances to set up a new home
Help provide one night emergency accommodation for a mum and her children escaping family violence
Help provide a laptop and course fees for a parent to get training and work skills to get their life back on track
Help facilitate our Education Pathways Program team at Viv’s Place and support a child as they take their first steps back into education and a new beginning.
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