If an education is a young person’s priority, their housing is our priority.

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Please will you help provide a safe place to stay so young people like Coco can complete their education?

"There was constant abuse…"

That’s how Coco describes life at home when she was growing up.

Bullied at school, abused at home – Coco never felt safe. Like many young people, Coco blamed herself, keeping her feelings inside.

Everyday life was tough. Coco woke in the early hours to travel to university. When she got home, she was forced to work in the family business late into the night.

"I was barely eating. I was exhausted. I just wanted the pain to end."

She had one friend, who helped her escape.

It was impossible for Coco to go back home, so she applied for a place at one of Launch Housing’s Education First Youth Foyers.

Established 10 years ago, our Foyers offer young people (age 16-25) facing homelessness a safe place to stay while completing their education.

It’s a proven way of turning young lives around.

With your help, we provide not only a home and place where young people belong, but support to gain the skills to shape their futures.

It works.

Young people who arrive at the Foyer are often traumatised and scared. But they leave as confident adults, ready to thrive.

Today, Coco is safe. She is a year away from graduating in Nutrition Science, with a bright future ahead of her.

Your help is urgently needed to support young Victorians to turn their life around. Please make your kind donation today, before 30 June.

Sponsor a room and you can help provide urgent accommodation to someone in Melbourne who has nowhere safe to sleep.

Melbourne's homelessness crisis is getting worse. This year has been tough. People who were already vulnerable have been pushed further into danger.

Will you help us end homelessness by making a monthly donation?

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Help cover the cost of a driving lesson and help a young person on the road to work and independent future.

Helps towards providing 1 person a crisis accommodation room each month.


Help a young person get a First Aid Certificate - a valuable skill to take into a workplace and adult life.

Helps towards providing 2 people a crisis accommodation room each month.


Help make sure a young person has a laptop which they will use to complete their studies and get on a path away from disadvantage and homelessness.

Helps towards providing 3 people a crisis accommodation room each month.


Help cover the cost of tuition fees for a young person studying for their certificate in Independent Living - the foundation stone of a better future.

Helps towards providing a family crisis accommodation room each month.

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